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CGSR Team 2-Day Mock SearchCVWPA wood yard May 24 & 25/2008  Please go here..

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Barrett Corp. Turnaround Achievement Awards
2007  Terry Waite
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Debec Search for a 3 -year old girl, Debec, NB June 02 /2007 Please go here....
Jim and Terry return to the site of the Debec Search.
June 07/2007
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Birch Ridge Search and the beginning....1986.. Please go here....

Woodstock, NB
August 27, 28 & 29/2010
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Wilderness Response First Aid Course Howard Brook, NB
May 28th, 29th & 30th / 2010
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The Allandale Taskings, March 2010...The Beginning.. Please go here....
You can download a Poison Ivy Pest Note from Health Canada (.pdf format) .....please click here
You can download a Lyme Disease brochure from the Province of NB (.pdf format) .....please click here
You can download a Rabies Public Information Fact Sheet from the Province of NB (.pdf format) .....please click here
You can download a West Nile Virus brochure from Health Canada (.pdf format) .....please click here
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