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CGSR Team Members participated in Practical GPS Navigation and the fundamentals of creating and saving a Track with CGSR Training Officer Brian Richardson at the Carleton Victoria Wood Producers Association Boardroom and wood yard area, Florenceville, NB on April 17/2008. 
CGSR Team Members gather in the yard and weigh scales area to enjoy a sunny spring evening prior to the evening training session.
CGSR Team Member Ray LeBlanc is captured by the camera.
(L-R) CGSR Training Officer Jim Corey, Noella, Larry and Glenda (books in hand) discussing SAR training.
It has been a long winter and with the coming of Spring and warmer weather we can finally begin to shift our focus to the outdoors.
CGSR Training Officer Ken Costain (left) and Lorne (right) discussing the upcoming GPS Training session.
CGSR Training Officers Brian Richardson (left) and Ray LeBlanc (right) having a chat prior to the Exercise.
(L-R) Glenda, Brian and Dale having a talk about the training.
The GPS Exercise is underway at the CVWPA Boardroom table.
(L-R) Noella, Brian and Larry enter GPS data as part of the practical training session.
Danny (left) and Susan (right) at the table behind the Team`s computers. Susan is recording all the Exercise GPS data for future reference.
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