Proudly serving Carleton County and the surrounding area since 1985
CGSR Team Fundraiser Toll Highway, Florenceville, NB
May 05/2007 ...more here.
The 24th Annual Operation Olave,Connell Park, NB
May 26/2007 ....more here.
Missing Hunter Search, Kilburn / BonAccord area, Nov.17/2007
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CGSR Team Members participated in an EMO Mock Disaster, Florenceville, NB
Sept. 13/2007 ....more here.
CGSR Team Training, Hartland, NB June 21/2007
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Team Members attended the 6th Annual Turnaround Achievement Awards, May 23/2007 ....more here.
Team Members Jeff Boyd & Larry Harley attended a Wilderness Response First Aid Course, Yoho Lake, NB
Oct. 26,27,28/2007
               ...more here.
17th Annual Carleton Co-op Bike Rodeo,Florenceville, NB June 09/ 2007 Please go here...
Debec Search for a 3 -year old girl, Debec, NB June 02 /2007 Please go here....
Jim and Terry return to the site of the Debec Search.
June 07/2007
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Tinker Dam Search for a 3-year old girl from Fort Fairfield, Maine April 25/ 2007 Please go here...
CGSR Canteen Fundraiser, Fall ATV Rally, Maquire Rest Area near Juniper, NB.
Oct. 06/2007 ...more here.
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HUG-A-TREE and SURVIVE Fundamentally developed as a wilderness survival program for children...more here 
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 Events and Activities 2006 - 2007
CGSR Canteen Fundraiser, Summer ATV Rally, Gorby Gulch, Upper Nashwaak River, NB.
June 17 /2006 ...more here.
CGSR Team GPS Training, McCain Field, Hartland, NB April 27/2006
16th Annual Carleton Co-op Bike Rodeo,Florenceville, NB June 10/ 2006 Please go here...
The 23th Annual Operation Olave,Connell Park, NB
May 27/2006 ....more here.
CGSR Canteen and Public Info. Display, Dr. Walter Chestnut Public Library, Hartland, NB.
April 22 /2006 ...more here.
CGSR Team GPS Practical Exercise, McCain Field, Hartland, NB.
April 27 /2006 ...more here.
Team Members participated in the Fall Parade at Millville, NB, Sept. 23/2006 ....more here.
CGSR Team GPS & Compass Exercise, Arena Soccer Field, Hartland, NB.
June 15 /2006 ...more here.
CGSR held its annual Team Christmas Party at the Bath Fire Hall, Bath, NB, Dec. 03/2006 ....more here.
CGSR Team Map & Compass Review, Town Hall Council Chambers, Hartland, NB.
May 18 /2006 ...more here.
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CGSR Team Christmas Party Hartland Town Hall Community Room, Hartland, NB, Dec. 09/2007 ....more here.
CGSR Equipment & Maintenance Work Night, Protective Services Building, Florenceville, NB.
April 08 /2006 ...more here.
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