Our Team conducted a 2 - Day Mock Search Training Exercise on May 24th and 25th/2008 at the Carleton-Victoria Wood Producers Association wood yard at Florenceville, NB. This Exercise included Search Management practice, Communications and Field Activities, GPS location and track practice, computer generated GIS Mapping with ESRI ArcMap and familiarization with equipment and supplies.
Tim beginning the Exercise with a general briefing and discussion.
Ken getting a GPS ready to upload some waypoints..
Tim at work in the Command Post
..our computer system and GIS mapping software is set up and functional. For the first time we independently produced and printed our own maps on site.
Ken and Lorne reviewing some GPS  data
..returning to base in a high wind
...our tent and Equipment Trailer behind a pile of hardwood logs
...reviewing exercise documentation in the wind 
Laying out the steel frame for our shelter ... 
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The steel framed Shelter is set up and ready to go.
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