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CGSR Team Members participated in a semi-urban Practical GPS Navigation Exercise emphasizing efficient methods for creating and saving GPS Tracks at Woodstock, NB on April 21/2011. The Exercise briefing occurred at the RCMP Woodstock District 7 Boardroom and the practical outdoor component was completed in the surrounding area. Teams then returned to the RCMP Boardroom where several GPS tracks saved earlier in the evening were downloaded into computer programs including Garmin Mapsource and ESRI ArcMap for discussion and review.
We also finished off the evening with a Team Information Session on Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, Rabies and Poison Ivy.
Team Members have arrived early for the evening training and are relaxing in the Boardroom.
Training Officer Ray LeBlanc (standing) discussing the upcoming Training with Team President Robert McCready (R).
Training Officer Ken Costain (orange SAR jacket) reviews a more recent photograph of the general area for the outdoor practical phase of the evening exercise. Retail development has somewhat changed the lay of the land.
Colored lines on the above image - and the image to the right - indicate GPS tracks downloaded from the Garmins. They are all very good tracks with no unnecessary clutter.
ESRI ArcMap is up and running on the computer in preparation for our Exercise.
The projector has the computer screen image displayed up on the white board for everyone to see.
This is probably the last time we will use this many years old imagery in our computer mapping system. Although it was not available for this evening exercise, our Team now has access to very recent high definition aerial imagery for ArcMap.
Although a few years old and in lower definition, a Google Earth image of the same area indicates some slightly different features. The trailer park and hay field visible to the upper left in the computer program image no longer exist as such. The trailer park was relocated several years ago and the general area has been overtaken for the most part by newer and future retail development and parking area.
You can download a Poison Ivy Pest Note from Health Canada (.pdf format) .....please click here
You can download a Lyme Disease brochure from the Province of NB (.pdf format) .....please click here
You can download a Rabies Public Information Fact Sheet from the Province of NB (.pdf format) .....please click here
You can download a West Nile Virus brochure from Health Canada (.pdf format) .....please click here
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