Proudly serving Carleton County and the surrounding area since 1985
Carleton Ground Search & Rescue Inc. Team Members participated in a practical field Exercise at Welch Siding (near Juniper), NB on the weekend of June 21/2003.
Visible by headlights in the distance, powerful mainline CN Engines on the National Trans - Continental road pull a heavy freight up the grade towards Summit.
Robert is cooking breakfast under a clear blue early morning sky.
(L-R) Terry, Noella and Ken are ready for the morning Exercise.
Exercise participants are starting to gather.
Everyone is checking their compass declination setting.
A Team is underway on their first assignment for the morning.
A good view of our Command Post Vehicle and Equipment Trailer on a hot and sunny June day.
The Team Members are debriefing with the Training Officer and taking a break after completing the Map & Compass portion of the morning Exercise.
We observed a patch of Lady Slipper wild flowers in an old mill field adjacent to the railroad track.
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