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Carleton Ground Search & Rescue Inc. Team Members, Command Post Vehicle and Equipment trailer on site in the Town of Hartland, NB. Our Team has responded to a call in support of the Hartland RCMP regarding a missing person from an area special care facility.
The HARTLAND SEARCH for a missing adult male, September 06/2010
 Search Manager Tim Fox (seated at the picnic table) reviews important information with Team Members.
We have conveniently established our Search Base in the home and yard of an area resident.
There is a lot of preliminary information to pass on.
With an RCMP cruiser in the background, Team Members listen intently to the briefing.
Team Members prepare to commence field operations throughout the neighbourhood, adjacent areas, attractions and trails.
(L-R) CGSR Team President Robert McCready and Search Manager Tim Fox wait patiently as the laser printer produces map and photo information for the rapidly expanding Search effort. We had a lot of local support on this tasking and certainly appreciated the assistance by members of the Hartland Fire Department.
CGSR and fellow Team Members from Tobique Ground Search & Rescue relax in the kitchen. We welcomed the Tobique SAR team coming to assist with the tasking. Unfortunately, the missing person has been found deceased, a Team is aiding in the recovery and there is little more we can do.