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CGSR Team Members participated in a Practical GPS Navigation Training Exercise emphasizing efficient methods for creating and saving GPS Tracks and Landmarks near Woodstock, NB on the evening of May 19/2011. The Exercise briefing occurred at the RCMP Woodstock District 7 parking lot and the practical outdoor component was completed at the Meduxnekeag River Association Trails area.
CGSR Search Manager Tim Fox is briefing the Team Members present on the evening mission at the RCMP Woodstock District 7 parking area, Connell Road, Woodstock NB.
The MEDUXNEKEAG VALLEY NATURE PRESERVE and trail head area at Wilson Mountain near Woodstock, NB.
CGSR Team Members check their information before leaving to GPS their assigned routes. Other Team Members are accessing another portion of the Trail system a little farther down the highway.
Team Members walk down the old railway bed to one of the trail head locations.
Getting some last minute instructions from Tim at one of the trail heads.
(L-R) Beth, Susan, Tim, Robert, Paul - (standing behind Robert) and Jason. These Team Members have finished their assigned portion of the trail system.
(L-R) Paul, Susan and Robert pose for a photo before heading for home.... or the coffee shop.
 Information and data collected this evening will be processed by Tim and Jim for future use and to produce an up to date and accurate map of this area for the Meduxnekeag River Association.
You can download a copy of the Meduxnekeag River Association Trail Guide in .pdf format by clicking here...