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Our Team continues its participation in Operation Olave at  Connell Park in Woodstock, NB . We have entered Projects or Challenges in this Girl Guide & Pathfinder event for several years. This year marks 101 Years of Guiding and is also the 28th Anniversary of Operation Olave.
Operation Olave, Connell Park, Woodstock, NB May 28 - 29 / 2011
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Operation Olave 2011 continued
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A couple of the event organizers stop by for a chat.
Team Members are getting the Projects ready for the evening.
(L-R) Beth, Terry and Larry. Terry is putting the final touches on the Leaf and Plant ID Challenge. This is a long standing and popular project.
Our Command Post Vehicle is on site at Connell Park and the generator is ready to go. We have been assigned Project 2 and Project 3 this year.
Terry has a really good local assortment this year.
(L-R) Terry, Larry, Carleton MLA - The Honourable Dale Graham, Robert and Jim. Dale participated in the opening ceremony and stopped by for a visit with Team Members. Dale also took the opportunity to observe the first teams participate in our projects.
Our first Team of the evening to enter a Challenge signs in with Terry at the Leaf and Plant ID table.
The evening event is officially under way.
Robert is also busy in the Command Post with the Map Features ID Project. This is also the first Team to participate in this Challenge.
Our Project area is fast becoming a very busy place.