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Our Team returned again this year to Burpee Woods, Jacksonville (near Woodstock), NB for a joint Training Exercise with Tobique SAR members on August 26th, 27th and 28th/2011. This Exercise included Search Management/Command Post practice, Search Technique, Wilderness First-Aid with casualty extraction, Communications, Map and Compass use, GPS location and track practice, computer generated GIS Mapping with ESRI ArcMap, Search Base preparation and setup, Night Search technique, Clue finding and familiarization with equipment and supplies..... and most importantly.....a Team Barbeque.
Woodstock, NB   August 26th-28th/2011
Friday evening, August 26 - 2011
Several Team Members have arrived on site to help position our equipment and set up our main tent. We are going to use the same location as in previous years.
The tent is set up and ready to go.....and the sun is getting ready to set .
Our Command Post vehicle is pretty much where we want it.
The Equipment trailer is in a good central location ....... and ..... Exercise participants are arriving.
Tobique SAR personnel have arrived with their Command Post vehicle. Our Team has invited the Tobique SAR Team to participate in this weekend Training Exercise. Tobique SAR President Duane Campbell is standing to the left of their vehicle.
Dale Burpee (left) and Terry Burpee (right) look the site over. This property is owned by the Burpee Family and we are fortunate to have the use of it. Dale and Terry are both 26 year veterans of CGSR.
Another group of Tobique SAR Members have arrived on site. This is shaping up to be a very productive training weekend.
There is certainly lots of activity. Friday evening is pretty much an early setup opportunity and a social event. Team Members also have a fire going....just like home.
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