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RCMP Forensic Evidence Protocols Seminar
Hartland Community School
Thursday Evening, November 17/2011
Carleton Ground Search & Rescue Inc. Team Members participated in a RCMP Forensic Evidence Protocols Training Seminar at the Hartland Community School Library on the evening of November 17/2011. This very important Training event was presented by RCMP Cpl. Charles Theriault of the RCMP Grand Falls Forensic Identification Services, Grand Falls, NB. Our Team was also very pleased that several fellow Team Members from Tobique SAR were in attendance.
RCMP Const. John Pitcher (grey shirt) introduces RCMP Forensic Specialist Cpl. Charles Theriault.
Cpl. Theriault addresses the group.
We have a great attendance this evening. We are all volunteers and many have travelled over 60 miles to get here.
Cpl. Theriault reviews various types of evidence and provides us with much beneficial information.
Finger prints play a very important role in forensic work. Also, SAR people may be the first to arrive at a scene and we need to know how to minimize our impact on that scene.
Cpl. Theriault reviews some previous situations and results. This is extremely interesting and informative. Team Members will be much better prepared for future operations.
Dale and Jeff review casts and models with Cpl. Theriault.
The group is certainly interested in this particular display table.
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