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CGSR Team Training: Semi-urban GPS tracking and waypoints. Woodstock RCMP Boardroom and nearby area, Woodstock, NB    April 19 / 2012                                            .......more here
"Burpee Woods 2012" Training Exercise, Jacksonville (near Woodstock), NB August 24th, 25th & 26th. Carleton and Tobique SAR Team Members participating.
CGSR and Tobique SAR ...ICS- 100  District 7 RCMP Boardroom, Woodstock, NB
February 16 / 2012    ....more here
CGSR Team Training. Concerns and suggestions for Team pre-Plan. ICS-100 wrap-up, Ready pack .... Woodstock RCMP Boardroom. March 15 / 2012
Green Meadows tasking, near Woodstock, NB. Woodstock RCMP.
Carleton and Tobique responding. May 13 / 2012 .....more here
CGSR and Tobique SAR ...ICS - 100  District 7 RCMP Boardroom, Woodstock, NB
January 19 / 2012
CGSR and Tobique SAR ...ICS-100 Testing. Carleton Victoria Wood Producers  Association Boardroom. Florenceville,NB     March 17 / 2012     
Douglasfield Road Search, Miramichi, NB. Miramichi City Police and RCMP. April 30 / 2012. ....more here
CGSR Team Training, Craigs lot area, Tobique participating, Hartland, NB
May 17 / 2012       .......more here
CGSR participation in 29th Annual Operation Olave, Connell Park, Woodstock,NB.     May 26-27 / 2012
                          .......more here
CGSR participation in annual Co-op Bike Rodeo, Florenceville, NB
June 09 / 2012      ........more here
Perth Kelly Search commences, Perth - Andover and area, NB.
Carleton/Tobique / multi-team.
                                June 09-12 / 2012
CGSR Fund Raiser Canteen, ATV Poker Rally,Slatter Road, Kirkland, NB
June 23 / 2012            .....more here
CGSR Fund Raiser Canteen for ATV Rally, Maquire Rest Area, near Kenneth,NB           June 02 / 2012
Burpee Woods 2012, Carleton & Tobique SAR participating, Jacksonville, NB. Aug. 24,25&26 / 2012    ....more here
CGSR Toll Highway Fund Raiser, Deacon Drive,    Woodstock, NB
September 08/ 2012     ....more here
CGSR Team Training, District 7 RCMP Boardroom, Data Review of Perth Kelly Search, Woodstock, NB
October 03 / 2012
Big Presque Isle River Search, near Florenceville, NB. October 05/ 2012
Waterville Hospital Search, near Hartland, NB. October 21/ 2012
CGSR Team Training, Review of recent taskings and procedures,  District 7 RCMP Boardroom, Woodstock, NB.
October 24/ 2012       ......more here
First Responders Appreciation Supper, Woodstock Baptist Church, Woodstock, NB. November 04 / 2012
                                    ......more here 
CGSR Team Training, Map Measuring Exercise, District 7 RCMP Boardroom, Woodstock, NB
Nov. 15 / 2012    .........more here
CGSR team Christmas Party, Hartland Town Hall Community Room, Hartland, NB.     December 02/ 2012
                                       ........ more here
Team Members take a break and discuss the Exercise.
The practice Evidence Search is underway.
Above group photo`s courtesy of Cindy Carroll, Tobique SAR. August 26/2012.