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CGSR Team Members participated in a semi-urban Practical GPS Navigation Exercise emphasizing efficient methods for creating and saving GPS Tracks on the evening of April 19/2012. We facilitated this Exercise from the RCMP Woodstock District 7 Boardroom and the practical outdoor component was completed in the nearby area. Teams returned their GPS data to the RCMP Boardroom where tracks and waypoints were downloaded into computer programs including Garmin Mapsource and ESRI ArcMap. The Exercise concluded with an Exercise Debriefing and a very positive review of the results.
CGSR Team Members start to arrive at Woodstock, NB RCMP District 07 Headquarters prior to the evening Exercise. It is a nice and sunny spring evening.
The Briefing is finished and Team Members are checking their maps and heading out on their assigned tasks.
The computer is up and running with ESRI ArcMap. Robert is giving his map information a good look over.
Also, we have our projector set up for the evening Exercise. This allows us to display all our data as we download it for everyone to see. And, we have very recent aerial photos of the area this year.
Team Members have returned from the field with their data and it has been downloaded to Mapsource and ESRI ArcMap. Also, we have evaluated our work and debriefed our Exercise. A job well done, it is time to go home.
Approximately one year ago, our Team completed a very similar Exercise at this location on April 21/2011. You can have a look here too if you wish....