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CGSR and Tobique SAR Team Members participated in Part 1 of an ICS-100 Training program at the District 07 RCMP Boardroom, Woodstock, NB on the evening of January 19/2012. We continued this training with Part 2 at this same location and time on February 16/2012. A testing session was also offered at the Carleton Victoria Wood Producers Association Boardroom on Saturday morning, March 17/2012.
Tobique SAR President Duane Campbell (orange shirt) discusses some points of the training with Susan. Feb.16/2012
We have a good sized group this evening and everyone is very busy. Feb. 16/2012
CGSR Team President Robert McCready (left standing) confers with RCMP Const. Pitcher.
 Feb. 16/2012
We used this workbook as a study guide.
You can download the 2011 Canada version of the "I -100 Introduction to Incident Command System" self-paced student workbook here.......