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            Participation in the DOUGLASFIELD ROAD SEARCH -- April 28-30/2012

CGSR Team Members responded on April 30/2012 to a call for assistance on the Douglasfield Road Search in Miramichi, NB for an 81 year old male. The elderly gentleman had been missing for nearly 3 days and was discovered - very tired and wet but still alive - lying down in a drainage ditch by DNR&E personnel near a peat bog operation.
Base / Command Post location adjacent to Highway 126 near Miramichi, NB on April 30/2012.
North-West Ground Search & Rescue Command Post Vehicle.
York Sunbury Command Post Vehicle and Equipment trailer ... followed by Tri-County SAR Command Post Vehicle. Tri-County SAR were the first Team to respond.
Carleton Ground Search & Rescue Inc. Command Post Vehicle and Equipment Trailer.
(L-R) CGSR Command Post Vehicle and Equipment Trailer. Also Miramichi Ground Search & Rescue trailer and vehicle.
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