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CGSR Fund Raiser Canteen at the Slatter Road area, near Kirkland, NB. 
Summer ATV Poker Rally organized by the area ATV club.
SATURDAY, June 23/2012
Team Members are getting ready for the event.
We are going to set up a second blue canopy. There is a chance of more rain today.
Everything is ready to go. It is time to fire up the barbeques.
We have some helpers looking after the smudge. Actually, the flies have been quite aggressive today.
The cooking is underway.....
We have some early customers from the nearby area.
ATV Riders begin to arrive at our canteen area. We will certainly be extra busy for a while. Also, these canteen stops always have a very social aspect to them.
Our participation in this event is over. The ATV Riders have all moved on to other checkpoints. For us, it is time to pack up and head for home.