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Our Team continues its participation in Operation Olave at  Connell Park in Woodstock, NB . We have entered Projects or Challenges in this Girl Guide & Pathfinder event for several years. This year marks 102 Years of Guiding and is also the 29th Anniversary of Operation Olave.
Operation Olave, Connell Park, Woodstock, NB May 26 - 27 / 2012
CGSR Team Members have arrived on site and are preparing for the event. Terry is organizing the leaf and plant identification table. The map feature identification project is located in the vehicle.
We are pretty much ready to go. Also, our Team has been assigned Project No. 1 and Project No. 2 this year. And, we have a visit from two Guide Leaders who are helping organize this event.
The first Teams are on the way... and members of the Woodstock Police Department have stopped by for a visit.
Our first Team of the evening has arrived. Terry is doing the Leaf/Plant Identification Project with them at the table. As Larry looks on, a reporter from the local newspaper takes their photograph.
It is almost midnight (11:59 PM) and we are still busy. There are several more Teams yet to come. We expect those Teams very soon.
12 Midnight and more Teams are arriving. This is a popular area at the moment.
We are also very busy in the back of the Command Post vehicle with our Map ID Project (Project No. 2). A Team is waiting their turn by the back door.
The last Teams of the evening are here now. We will soon be able to pack up and head for home. And, next year will be here before we know it.