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CGSR and Tobique SAR Team Members participated in a semi-urban/urban Practical GPS Navigation Exercise emphasizing efficient methods for creating, following and saving GPS Tracks, Sector (polygon) Layout and clue finding techniques at Hartland, NB on May 17/2012. Data was also downloaded into computer programs including Garmin Mapsource and ESRI ArcMap for discussion and review.
Team Members check their maps and prepare for the evening Exercise.
Participants make sure that the GPS`s are ready to go.
Downtown Hartland,NB taken from the aerial photo`s in ArcMap.
A closer view of main Exercise area. The Hartland Covered Bridge over the St. John River can be observed to the left.
The GPS/Sector layout Exercise is completed. Team Members prepare for the practice Evidence Search.
The Evidence Search is commencing.
The Evidence Search continues.
The Team has located a "clue". Robert is obtaining a GPS position for the "clue`s" location. Team Members will document the "clue" and call for instructions on how to deal with it.
Two more "clues" have been located. They will receive the same treatment- documentation, location and instruction.
The Practice Evidence Search is almost ready to wrap up. Darkness will be with us very soon. It has been a good evening.