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MAY  02/2012 Regular Team Meeting at District 7 RCMP Boardroom, Woodstock, NB      7:30 PM 
MAY 13/2012  Green Meadow Search, near Woodstock, NB. Tobique SAR also responded.
MAY 17/2012 CGSR Team Training, former Craigs Machine Shop location, Hartland, NB    7:00 PM                            
MAY 26/2012  29th Annual OPERATION OLAVE, Connell Park, Woodstock, NB.
JUNE 02/2012 Fund Raiser Canteen, Skedaddle Ridge Trails, Maquire Rest area, near Kenneth, NB
JUNE 06/2012 Regular Team Meeting at District 7 RCMP Boardroom, Woodstock, NB  7:30 PM
JUNE 09/2012 Co-op   Bike Rodeo, Florenceville Arena, Florenceville - Bristol, NB
JUNE 09/2012 NBGSARA Provincial Election Meeting, Fredericton, NB    Beth and Ray      10:00 AM
JUNE 09/2012 Commencement of Perth Kelly Search   Carleton & Tobique - multi-team
JUNE 21/2012 CGSR Team Training ...... Re-scheduled to Burpee Woods 2012 in August.
JUNE 23/2012 Fund Raiser Canteen for ATV Poker Rally, Woodstock area, NB                                              
JULY/2012  Team Meetings / Training as required.
AUGUST 11/2012  NBGSARA Meeting, Fredericton, NB.  Robert and Beth          10:00 AM
AUGUST 24,25 & 26/2012  CGSR Team Weekend Exercise " Burpee Woods 2012", Jacksonville, NB.
                                             CGSR and Tobique SAR participating.
SEPTEMBER 05/2012 Regular Team Meeting at District 7 RCMP Boardroom, Woodstock, NB.  7:30 PM
SEPTEMBER 08/2012 Toll Highway Fund Raiser, Woodstock, NB. 
SEPTEMBER 20/2012 CGSR Team Training, Re-scheduled for Oct.03,2012                             
OCTOBER 03/2012 Regular Team Meeting at District 7 RCMP Boardroom, Woodstock, NB.     7:00 PM
OCTOBER 03/2012 Team Training, Woodstock RCMP Boardroom. Perth Data Review.Tim Fox 7:30 PM              OCTOBER 12/2012 Big Presque Isle River Search, near Florenceville, NB.                                                                  OCTOBER 21/2012 Waterville Community Hospital Search. Waterville, Somerville and Hartland area, NB.
OCTOBER 24/2012 CGSR Team Training, District 07 RCMP, Woodstock,NB. Review of recent taskings
                                  and operational procedures.  Tim Fox and Jim Corey                                         7:00 PM
NOVEMBER 04/2012 First Responders Appreciation Event, Woodstock Baptist Church.              5:00 PM
NOVEMBER 07/2012 Regular Team Meeting at District 7 RCMP Boardroom, Woodstock, NB.  7:30 PM 
NOVEMBER 15/2012 CGSR Team Training, District 07 RCMP Woodstock, Azimuths and Measurement (Map &
                                      Compass) with ArcMap overview. Tim Fox and Jim Corey.                           7:00 PM
NOVEMBER 24/2012 NBGSARA Provincial Meeting, Fredericton, NB  Beth, Robert and Tony  10:00 AM
DECEMBER 02/2012 Team XMAS Party, Hartland Town Hall Community Room, Hartland, NB. 2:00 PM
DECEMBER 05/2012 Regular Team Meeting at District 7 RCMP Boardroom, Woodstock, NB. 7:30 PM 
JANUARY 04/2012 Regular Team Meeting Woodstock, NB at Woodstock RCMP Boardroom 7:30 PM
JANUARY 16/2012 Debriefing for Dec.18-19/2011 McCarthy Search at St. Andre, NB
                                 CarletonVictoria Wood Producers Association Boardroom, Florenceville, NB
                                RCMP, Carleton SAR, Tobique SAR and Northwest SAR participating.
JANUARY 19/2012 CGSR Team Training, ICS-100 Part I, RCMP Boardroom, Woodstock, NB.
                                  Tobique SAR participating. Presenters: Tim Fox and Jim Corey           7:00 PM
FEBRUARY 01/2012 Regular Team Meeting , Cancelled-Winter storm warning.
FEBRUARY 16/2012 CGSR Team Training, ICS-100 Part II, RCMP Boardroom, Woodstock, NB
                                    Tobique SAR participating. Presenters: Tim Fox and Jim Corey        7:00 PM
FEBRUARY 18/2012 NBGSARA CGSR hosting Provincial Meeting, Woodstock, NB.  Rep: Robert McCready
MARCH 07/2012 Regular Team Meeting Woodstock, NB at Woodstock RCMP Boardroom 7:30 PM
MARCH 15/2012 CGSR Team Training, RCMP Boardroom, Woodstock, NB. Review of ready pack
                              considerations. ICS-100 wrap-up. Concerns, suggestions and input for Preplan. 
                            Presenters: Ray LeBlanc and Jim Corey                                                   7:00 PM
MARCH 17/2012 ICS-100 Testing. Carleton Victoria Wood Producers Association Boardroom, Florenceville, NB.
                             Facilitators: Tim Fox, Susan Corey, Robert McCready and Jim Corey   8:00 AM - 12Noon
MARCH 28/2012  28th Team Annual Meeting & Election of Officers , RCMP Woodstock Boardroom  7:00 PM 
APRIL 04/2012 Regular Team Meeting , Woodstock (District 7) RCMP Boardroom, Woodstock, NB 7:30 PM 
APRIL 19/2012 CGSR Team Training, RCMP Boardroom and nearby outdoor area, Woodstock, NB 
                            Doors open at 6:30 PM.
APRIL 30/2012 CGSR Team Members participated in the Miramichi, NB area search for 81 year old Andrew    
            Baldwin. Mr. Baldwin was found alive and relatively well after spending 2 nights in the woods.