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CGSR Team Members participated in a practical demonstration and Safety Rope Throwing Techniques & Procedures Exercise at the Guimac Picnic Site area at Hartland, NB on June 20/2013. This Exercise was facilitated by Team Member Larry Harley. Page 1 of 2
Team Members arrive at the Guimac Picnic Site area.
The World famous Hartland Covered Bridge is in the background. It is a National Historic Site of Canada.
Larry assembles the group for the evening.
Demonstrating a Throw Rope and some related equipment.
Straightening out a rope so it can be re-packed.
Larry and Beth discuss the evening exercise.
Everett and Dana work the rope.
Lorne makes a good throw with the rope.
These Team Members are getting a Throw Rope ready.
Dana is trying on a life jacket.
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