On the afternoon of June 07/2007, Jim and Terry returned to the site of the Debec Search for a three year old child. She was found responsive and unharmed about 9:20 PM on June 02/2007 by a Carleton Ground Search & Rescue Search Team under the direction of veteran Team Captain Terry Burpee. She had been lost for approximately seven hours.The following photographs ,taken during this return visit, offer a unique outlook as to what it looked like out there for everyone involved. And especially to a little girl...
A Datum line (centre in photo above) vanishes into a swamp. Visibility distance in such areas drops to virtually the length of your arm. Invisible in the photo, the grassy area is mostly water covered.
.Beaver ponds...a nice picture in the wild, but a nightmare to search and to a lost child...

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Veteran searcher Terry Burpee in photo to left stands where his Search Team found the child. A ray of sunlight lights the area in front of Terry`s boots where searchers first noticed her laying on the ground.
A GPS marks the spot...
In the above photo, the first solid clues.....small footprints in the mud on an old woods road....still visible 5 days later.
......and in the road edge shubbery, about a foot away from the tracks....a small pair of muddy clog type sneakers and an orange coloured toy "viewer". The items were identified as being consistent with the child when they were located. Left in place during the remainder of the search and exactly as they were first found, we removed the items, cleaned them up...and returned them later that day.
Terry (above photo) standing in front of the "clues".
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