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CGSR Team Members participated in a practical Mapping Exercise on January 15/2014. This training featured the NTS map ..Plaster Rock 21J/14.. and occurred at the RCMP District 07 Boardroom, Woodstock, NB. The Exercise focused on distance measuring, RF awareness, direction (azimuths) and feature identification.
Team Members are arriving and preparing for the evening Exercise.
The computer and projector are up and running.
Team Members are all very busy as the Exercise continues.
The featured map for the evening is National Topographic Series Plaster Rock 21 J/14.
This is NTS Plaster Rock 21 J/14 up on the board. We are presently concentrating on the upper right hand corner or Wapske area.
Everyone still has lots to do on this phase of the Exercise.
Jim is looking at a more general view of the local area. The evening is not over yet.
Exercise participants finalize and review their data .......and take a few minutes to relax.