Our Team and Tobique Ground Search & Rescue were called out by the RCMP on Wednesday afternoon, April 25/2007 to the Tinker Dam area to assist in the search for a 3 year old from Fort Fairfield, Maine, USA. The Maine Warden Service organized the search on the USA side of the border and the RCMP on the Canadian side. The search was centered in and around the Aroostook River and its confluence with the St. John River. High water and hazardous shore /riverbank conditions made searching very difficult.Information gathered and clues recovered from or near her Last Known Position left authorities to conclude that the little girl fell into the swollen river and was swept away. This tragic incident is now resolved. Perth-Andover RCMP recovered the childs body from the Aroostook River at Tinker Dam on Tuesday, June 20/2007.
These photos taken on site during the Tinker Dam Search and submitted by CGSR Team Member Larry Harley.
Brian Richardson watching the river...
Marty at our Command Post van.....
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