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CGSR Team Members participated in a review of Searcher Sign-in/Sign-out procedures, Equipment sign-in/sign-out procedures, Records/Notetaking precedures and practical GPS (waypoints and tracks) on April 17/2014. This training was held at the RCMP District 07 Boardroom and the adjacent outdoor area, Woodstock, NB.
Jim has ArcMap up and running. Robert relaxes as we wait for members to arrive for the evening.
We will be ready to go in a few minutes.
Everett goes over some valuable pointers and concerns with the participants on taking proper field notes.
Team Members review and discuss some of the information presented this evening.
Everyone is checking their notes and preparing for the outdoors GPS portion of the evening.
Jim looks on as Lorne prepares to sign out the GPS`s to fellow Team Members.
Ken and Larry take a moment to catch up with the web. They will be busy helping with the GPS field exercise shortly.
Terry and Everett relax for a few minutes before going outdoors.
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