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CGSR Team Members participated in a review of Searcher Sign-in/Sign-out procedures, Equipment sign-in/sign-out procedures, Records/Notetaking procedures and practical GPS (waypoints and tracks) on April 17/2014. This training was held at the RCMP District 07 Boardroom and the adjacent outdoor area, Woodstock, NB.
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Ken and Larry are making sure that these Exercise participants are starting off with the right information.
Ken checks a GPS waypoint with Dana near the sidewalk on Connell Road.
Terry and Daniel check a GPS waypoint beside a vehicle in the parking area. It is getting dark and will soon be time to call it an evening.
Dana and Lorne review the GPS Team and Equipment Sign-out information forms.
Daniel has his GPS all ready to get underway with the Exercise.
Larry is having a good evening. He will helping with the GPS track and waypoint exercise coming right up.
Ken is ready to commence the GPS Exercise. Everybody has their preliminary instructions on what to do.
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