2007 Carleton Co-operative Ltd. BIKE RODEO, Florenceville, NB
The 17th annual Carleton Co-operative Bike Rodeo was held on Saturday, June 09 - 2007 at the Northern Carleton Civic Center in Florenceville, NB. This is traditionally a co-operative event between Carleton Co-operative Ltd., the RCMP and Carleton Ground Search & Rescue Inc. Children of bicycle riding age are placed in their respective age categories and must ride their bicycle through a small designated course. This popular event is organized by Carleton Co-operative Ltd. who also provide a new bicycle as first prize. All entrants must undergo a Safety Assessment of their bicycle which is completed on-site by the RCMP . All bike riders must also wear a helmet. Carleton Ground Search & Rescue personnel participate in this event by maintaining checkpoints and records, keeping the course traffic flowing smoothly and promoting general safety on the course. Our Team also provides yearly a new bike helmet as second prize. Everyone who enters leaves the event a winner as this year the organizers provided all the participants with a grab bag and a new water bottle.
2007 Bike Rodeo Photographs are courtesy of Shawn Merrithew, Journalist for the Woodstock Bugle-Observer
Robert demonstrates a proper hand signal to a young rider...
Lorne (left) and Dana (center) help another course participant with signals...
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