Our Team is headquartered in the Florenceville-Bristol area, New Brunswick, CANADA
NOTE: Our membership form consists of 2 separate pages and both pages must be completed in order for the application to be processed by the Membership Committee.
You can download our Membership Application Form in pdf format. Please Click here...
PO Box 602
Florenceville-Bristol, New Brunswick
E7L 1Y7

Web address: www.cgsr.ca

E-mail Team: carsar@cgsr.ca

President: Jay Tofflemire…E-mail : jay@cgsr.ca

..about our Membership Application Form..
 We require the following: 
Your full name and present address including your postal code, phone number(s) and other contact information both at home and at work, your date and place of birth, your present occupation and employer(s), physical characteristics such as your height, weight, hair color and eye color, your next of kin, Drivers Licence Number and Licence Class, languages you can speak and/or write and any medical or physical conditions we should be aware of.
We also want to know: about your woodsmanship ability/experience and any special training you may already have. We wish to know if you have any equipment or resources you would be willing to use yourself (or share) on a search . We would like for you to tell us why you want to join Search & Rescue . We would also like to know what committee(s) you might like to serve on. We need to know if you have a criminal record. You must sign and date the form and give us permission to have the RCMP do a background check (CPIC) .
Proudly serving Carleton County and the surrounding area since 1985
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