Our Team was called out by the RCMP just before 9:00 PM on Monday , November 12/2007 to help locate a missing 88 year old hunter in the Kilburn/Bon Accord area. The elderly gentleman from the Kilburn area was originally believed to be hunting in the Bon Accord area and had been missing since about 2:00 PM that afternoon. However, he had entered a woods road with his pick-up truck near his home in Kilburn and proceeded easterly up a ridge in the headwater area of Pickett Brook. His vehicle failed to start after he stopped and got out to remove some brush from the roadway. The vehicle was approximately 1 mile from the main road (Hwy 105). It is believed that this individual stayed with the vehicle for several hours before attempting to walk back the woods road to Hwy 105 and home. However, he was only able to walk about 160 meters from his truck (about 1/10 of a mile) before being unable to continue. Family members, friends and volunteers traveled the maze of woods roads in the local area with vehicles and ATVs attempting to locate him.
CGSR Team Members, Our Command Post and Equipment Trailer arrived at the Bon Accord Seed Farm late in the evening and were preparing to commence an organized Search & Rescue effort when word arrived that the subject had just been located - cold but responsive - on a woods road near his home. It was our understanding that he was taken by ambulance to the Hospital at Perth-Andover for observation. Our Team had a very good Member response and we were able to contact some and turn them around before they arrived on site. Team Members travelled to nearby Kilburn, located the woods road with the assistance of a neighbour and traveled out it for about 1 mile. Family members on site were repairing a loose battery cable connection on the truck and were able to get it started. Having also found the gentleman on the side of the woods road, they were able to show us exactly where he stopped walking. We were able to take GPS points for the record on the various points of interest and also run a track back to Hwy 105.
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