Millville Search 2009
Millville, NB May 11/2009
Our Team was activated by the RCMP shortly before 4:00 AM on Monday, May 11/2009 for a Lost Persons Search in the Millville, NB area. Three females of the local area ranging in ages from 16 to 78 years went for a walk Sunday evening on nearby woods roads and trails and did not return when expected.
They were located by RCMP DogMaster Pierre Gardner who was assisting with the search effort at 8:45 AM. There were no apparent injuries from their spending a night in the woods. The group had the benefit of a fire during the night and primarily suffered wet feet.
We also had invaluable assistance from the Millville Fire Department, Millville Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion, Department of Natural Resources, Ambulance Service and citizens from the area with ATV`s, food and offering to help in any way they could.
Search Base and Command Post set-up in the Millville Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion parking area.
Our Command Post vehicle and Equipment trailer and RCMP cruiser on site beside the Millville Legion.
Ambulance and other vehicles helping with the search..
CGSR Team members recently returned from the field having a lunch in the Millville Legion facility. We certainly appreciated the support we received from the Millville Legion and the community at large.
Tim (orange SAR jacket) talking to local volunteers after the Search has ended successfully.
Team Members packing up the Command Post and Equipment Trailer.
...Command Post Van and Trailer .... heading home.
Senior Field Team Leader and 24 year SAR veteran Dale Burpee (left) talking to Executive  Search Manager Tim Fox after the Search.   
                                            .....a true SAR photo....JMC
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