Benton Search 2009
Benton, NB May 28/2009
Our Team was activated by the District 7 Woodstock, NB RCMP about 4:00 AM on Thursday, May 28/2009 for a Lost / Missing  Persons Search in the Benton, NB area. Two male fishermen of the local area put in by boat to Eel River at Kirkland, NB on Wednesday, May 27/2009 and did not arrive at the landing near Benton that evening as expected. 
They were located in their boat on the water about 7:26 AM by Carleton Ground Search & Rescue Field Team Leader Robert McCready and Woodstock Fireman Harold McLellan crewing a Zodiac boat provided by the Woodstock , NB Fire Department .
There were no apparent injuries from their spending a night in the woods near the stream. The men were able to get a fire going early in the morning and primarily suffered from being cold and tired.
We appreciated the valued support from the Woodstock Fire Department, our long time friend and associate Scott Ralston .... and the family and friends from the area with boats and equipment.
Search Base and Command Post set-up at the Landing on Eel River adjacent to Benton, NB.
Tim (left) and Robert ( Orange SAR jackets) talking to one of the fishermen after the Search has ended successfully. The other fisherman is standing in the background with fishing rod in hand.
...Command Post and Equipment Trailer .... Once again ......Lorne is  heading home.
Robert (left) and Harold (right) preparing to leave as a Water Hasty Team in the Woodstock Fire Department Zodiac .
A Volunteer Boat Search Team familiar with the river system equip another boat to help with the search effort.
SAR personnel, family and friends waiting for the crews to return to base. Word has just been received that the missing fishermen have been located and that they are OK.
The Zodiac Hasty Team returning to base with the fishermen and their boat in tow.
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