Our Team recently participated in a practical GPS Outdoor Training Exercise at the Carleton-Victoria Wood Producers Association wood yard area in Florenceville, NB.  We were very pleased to have several members of neighbouring Tobique Ground Search & Rescue share participation in this event with our Team.
GPS Training September 17/2009 
GPS Training Exercise Debriefing And Wrap-up in the Carleton-Victoria Wood Producers Association boardroom.
Tim (right) summarizing the evening exercise. It is very important to review these events in order to determine if all the anticipated goals and objectives were realized.
Tim (left) downloading a Team Members`s GPS tracks and waypoints into ArcMap on one of the Team`s computers. Robert (right) checking some GPS data collected earlier in the evening.
Exercise participants reviewing and comparing some of the accumulated data....
Ray (front & left) checking out the features of the Garmin GPS 76 Csx.....
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