Carleton Ground Search & Rescue Team representatives Ken Costain and Jim Corey attended a NBGSARA sponsored GIS Course on Ozi-Explorer in Fredericton, NB on November 21/2009. The course is intended to help standardize Ground Search & Rescue mapping procedures in New Brunswick. Teams were supplied with two new laptop computers,computer cases, mapping related software, scanner, portable hard drive and a color laser printer. This ongoing commitment to our SAR effort in New Brunswick is the direct result of a Government of Canada NIF Grant and earlier included GPS units and Training. The primary instructor for this phase of program was Duane Miller of Tri-County SAR.
Ken (standing centre) and Glen (to right) going over some information...
...providing resource support with the course
Ken Hong of York-Sunbury SAR addressing fellow SAR members during the Course. Ken looked after setting up and programming all the computer equipment.
Ken (seated to right) checking some information on one of Carleton Ground Search & Rescue`s new computers.
Carleton Ground Search & Rescue Team representative Ken Costain preparing to pack up some of our new equipment.
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