Our Team participated in an Alzheimer Disease Workshop at the Hartland Town Hall Community Room on Thursday evening Jan. 15/2009. This Workshop entitled " Search is an emergency" was presented to our group by representatives from the Alzheimer Society of New Brunswick.
This workshop, primarily designed as " A RESOURCE FOR POLICE & SEARCH AND RESCUE PERSONNEL", was very interesting and informative. Our team now has a much better understanding of Alzheimer disease and will incorporate this information into our new Pre-Plan. Valuable resource information provided with the Workshop included  the  "SEARCH is an EMERGENCY  Pre-plan manual for the search and rescue of missing people with Alzheimer Disease and related dementias"  which is freely available from the Alzheimer Society of Canada.
This Workshop also places emphasis on the " Safely Home™" program. The Safely Home™ program is nationwide and is designed to help find the person who is lost and assist in their safe return home. Information on individuals registered in the program can be accessed by police anywhere in Canada and the United States.
 Our Team was also pleased to welcome fellow SAR members from Tobique Ground Search & Rescue to this Workshop.
Please contact your local or regional Alzheimer Society for more information.
We had a very good turnout for an extremely cold winter night. Temperatures would be -35°F to -40°F by morning.
Chandra addressing our group.... 
Jeff and Susan looking over some material..
Alzheimer Society of Canada
Alzheimer Society of New Brunswick
"SEARCH is an EMERGENCY   Pre-Plan manual for the search and rescue of missing people with Alzheimer Disease and related dementias.  You can download it here.... .pdf "  
Safely Home™ Brochure .pdf
Safely Home™ Registration Form .pdf
Our Team wishes to extend a sincere "Thank You" to these ladies for making this
Workshop available to us.  
...chatting with our SAR colleagues from Tobique..
What is Alzheimer`s Disease .pdf
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