Carleton Ground Search & Rescue team personnel conducted an Initial Response (Reflex Tasking) training workshop at the Hartland Town Hall Community Room on the evening of January 21/2010. The "subject" was a"58 year-old "overdue" fisherman.
Carleton Ground Search & Rescue Search Manager Tim Fox (seated at front table) is inputting data for the Exercise into one of the Team`s computers.
Topographic mapping and searching data displayed in GIS format with ESRI ArcMap.
Tim reviewing and updating some of the information with Team Members.
Our Team likes the "Bike Wheel Model" for initial response planning.
Close-up view of Little Doughboy Lakes area with more recent logging roads. Doughboy Brook is to immediate right (East) and the upper stretch of Nashwaak River is nearby (a bit further to the East) in the map image above.
Team Members reviewing applicable data for our exercise from an "MLPI Course Manual", Koesters recent book on "Lost Person Behavior" and Reflex Tasking information.
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