Executive Search Manager Tim Fox briefing Team Members in the Carleton-Victoria Wood Producers Association boardroom in preparation for a 2 day Mock Search Exercise. May 24 & 25/2008 
 Events and Activities 2008 - 2009
Our Team Members participated in the "Search is an Emergency" Workshop presented by the Alzheimer Society of New Brunswick.   Jan. 15/2009
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Managing the Lost Person Incident (MLPI) Carleton Victoria Wood Producers Association Boardroom
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HUG-A-TREE and SURVIVE Fundamentally developed as a wilderness survival program for children...more here 
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Fund Raiser Canteen at Gorby Gulch for ATV Rally  June 06/ 2009  .......more here
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 Team Training  ..Practice Evidence Search, layout and GPS tracking/data recording. Downtown Hartland...April 16/2009         
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Benton Search for 2 overdue fishermen ,May 28/2009
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Our Team was activated by the RCMP in the early hours of Monday, May 11 / 2009 for a lost persons search in the Millville, NB area. Three persons of the local area -including a 78 year old grandmother - went for a walk Sunday evening and did not return when  expected . All were safely located. here for more info and pictures
Fall Activation 2009   Our Team was activated for a short time by the RCMP on the evening of Nov.14/2009 for four persons overdue from a hunting trip in the Nackawic area. Contact was made and they were soon located.
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March 2009 Call Out
Our Team call-out procedure was activated ,advanced planning was commenced by the Search Manager and we were placed on general Standby for a time on Tuesday, March 10-2009.
Some Other 2009 Spring Events
NBGSARA GPS Instructors Course
Fredericton, NB  K. Costain & J. Corey  April 25 & 26/2009
Our Team participated in the 26th Annual Operation Olave May 30/2009.
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Toll Highway Fund Raiser at Woodstock, NB Sept.12/2009
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 GPS Training at Carleton-Victoria Wood Producers Association woodyard. We were pleased to have neighbouring Tobique SAR participate...Sept. 17/2009      please go here....
Team Xmas Party, Hartland Town Hall Community Room Dec.06/2009 ...more here
Team Initial Response, Clue Seeking and GPS Exercise at Hartland, NB on Nov.19/2009...more here
Team Representatives attended a SAR GIS Course on Nov.21/2009 in Fredericton,NB ..more here
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CGSR Members participated in the 18th Annual Carleton Co-operative Bike Rodeo on June 14/2008 ....more here
Three CGSR Members attended a Mantracking Course at Yoho Lake, May 02, 03 and 04/2008 ....more here.
CGSR 2-Day Mock Search Exercise
Carleton - Victoria Wood Producers,
Florenceville, NB May 24 & 25/2008
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CGSR participates in the 25th Annual Operation Olave, Connell Park, Woodstock, NB May 31/2008
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CGSR Members participated in the 19th Annual Carleton Co-operative Bike Rodeo on June 13/2009
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CGSR Team GPS Exercise
Carleton - Victoria Wood Producers,
Florenceville, NB June 26/2008
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CGSR Team Fundraiser Toll Highway, Florenceville, NB
April 24 & 25/2008 ...please go here.
CGSR Fundraiser Canteen, ATV Rally, Gorby Gulch, NB.
May 31/2008
CGSR Team GPS Exercise
Carleton - Victoria Wood Producers,
Florenceville, NB April 17/2008
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Proudly serving Carleton County and the surrounding area since 1985
Team Xmas Party, Hartland Town Hall Community Room Dec. 07/2008 ...more here
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Summer Search Call....Our Team responded on June 16/2008 to a call from the District 7 RCMP to help locate a missing 66 year old male who did not return from a fishing trip in the Canterbury area. The individual came out about 9:30 AM.
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