Carleton Ground Search & Rescue Inc. commencing the day on site in the Allandale, NB area. Our Team response is in support of a request from the Woodstock RCMP and Woodstock Police Department regarding a missing person from the Woodstock, NB area. Saturday morning, March 13/2010.
Tim is preparing to enter a hardwood ridge area with a Team. Several of the Team Members carry GPS`s and all the individual tracks will be downloaded onto the Planning Map when the assignment is completed.
 Other Teams have earlier been dispatched to search and GPS certain roadways and features.
Searching for any visible clues in the ridge area.
Tim looking over a section of the ridge area.
Jeff, Lisa and Ray crossing the clear cut.
Team Members check out a winter road and yard area.
Jeff (standing on the plowed bank at left) with our other Team Members in the background. We have just exited a lowland swampy area. This tasking was our second assignment for the morning.
The Team is proceeding to the vehicle staging area.
The Team moves to the Kilmarnock,NB area at noon....please go here..
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