Carleton Ground Search & Rescue Inc. Team Members are on site once again in the Allandale, NB area. Our response is in support of a request from the Woodstock RCMP and Woodstock Police Department regarding a missing person from the Woodstock, NB area. SAR members are assisting four Dog Handlers including two from the RCMP, one from the Fredericton City Police and a Volunteer from York Sunbury SAR. Friday, March 19/2010.
Examining data and finalizing the plan for the day...
CGSR Executive Search Manager Tim Fox (far right) reviewing the area Map with a Member of the RCMP.
Tim and Pierre getting ready to leave the staging area. Jim is looking after the Base/staging area and the computer/GPS data.
James and Scott are already at work in another location.
John and Everett head out on their assignment.
Penny (left) and Glen leaving the staging area for their assignment. Penny is an RCMP certified volunteer dog handler. Penny and Glen are members of York Sunbury Ground Search & Rescue.
Carleton Team Members James, Everett and Tim enjoying a break. The Teams have joined forces for the remainder of the day.
The results of the days activities are discussed by participants and Members of the RCMP. Possible clues discovered by a CGSR Team Member and an RCMP Dog Team will directly influence the focus of related Search activities in the days to come.
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