Carleton Ground Search & Rescue Inc. Team Members have returned once again to the Allandale, NB area. We also have fellow SAR Team Members from Tobique (3), River Valley (4) and York Sunbury (1) assisting. Our response is in support of a request from the Woodstock RCMP and Woodstock Police Department regarding a missing person from the Woodstock, NB area. Sunday, March 21/2010. Page 1 of 2
SAR Team Members and support personnel assemble for a general briefing by the RCMP Member in charge.
RCMP Cpl. S. Dibblee briefing the group concerning previous related background events and what the primary objectives are for today.
Search Base Support Personnel operating ATV`s were busy all day transporting Searchers and supplies to the search area.
Carleton Ground Search & Rescue Command Post vehicle and Equipment Trailer.
March 21/2010 continued...      Page 2 of 2
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