Woodstock, NB   August 27th-29th/2010
Saturday, August 28 - 2010
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After lunch, Team Members assemble in the tent for a briefing concerning the "Extraction" phase for "Wilbur and Orville".
"Wilbur" (centre of above photo and with backpack and blue shirt) can walk out on his own, but "Orville" is immobile and must be transported the old fashioned way. Barely visible, Searchers to the right of "Wilbur" are locating a trail through the brush.
Searchers have applied required Emergency Wilderness First-Aid to "Orville", stabilized him on the backboard and are commencing transportation.
The Extraction effort is proceeding smoothly.
The Team has encountered a very wet and slippery moss covered small watercourse.
Everyone is careful and the crossing goes off without a hitch. Teamwork does pay off.
Finally, some better going as the Search Team prepares to navigate up over a small knoll to the left.
It is time to take a quick break, re-check the casualty and rotate positions.
The Team has located an old woods road and the travel conditions are greatly improved.
The Team has successfully brought "Orville" out to the field and Campsite location.
Search Team participants, the Exercise designers and the Search Management staff assemble in the tent for a short de-briefing on the Extraction phase while it is fresh in everyone`s mind. Any changes or improvements are noted for the future.
The Exercise has also been steadily monitored in the Command Post. All radio transmissions are recorded in the Comms Log and specific details and times are noted on the white board (above). It doesn`t need to be fancy, but it needs to be.
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