Proudly serving Carleton County and the surrounding area since 1985
Carleton Ground Search & Rescue Inc. Team Members participated in a 2 - Part INITIAL RESPONSE / REFLEX TASKING tabletop classroom Training Exercise at the RCMP District 7 Boardroom, Woodstock, NB on the evenings of January 20/2011 and February 17/2011. We also held our February/2011 Business Meeting prior to Training on Feb. 17th as it had been postponed from earlier in the month due to a winter storm.
Team Members review the Exercise Information and provide feedback to the Search Manager.
CGSR Team President Robert McCready (L) discusses Initial Response data and Lost Person Behavior with Search Manager Tim Fox (R).
The Exercise scenario is fixed on the Eastbound lane of the 4 - Lane Highway (TCH -2) near Florenceville, NB.
Some of the "tools of the trade".
The ability to add Map / Photo layers and various types of GIS data in ESRI ArcMap is an invaluable administrative and Planning tool for the Search Managers.
The Exercise is proceeding smoothly.
We find " 33 year old John Jackson" (our imaginary lost / missing person) on Day 2 of our call-out.
Our tabletop training Exercise known as the "John Jackson Search" wraps up on the the evening of February 17/2011. Questions, thoughts,methods,concerns......are all noted and are food for thought for the future.
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