Proudly serving Carleton County and the surrounding area since 1985
A Member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Search Manager speaking to Team Members prior to commencing their assignment.
Checking an area after sunrise...
Carleton Ground Search & Rescue Inc. was very active throughout 2010 with many activations, Team functions and Training. We were especially busy throughout the month of March with the Allandale Taskings.
Our Team was called out on March 06, March 07, March 13 and March 21/2010 to assist the RCMP and The Town of Woodstock Police Department in a missing person investigation. Team members also provided field and technical assistance related to this matter on March 19 and March 22/2010.
...not too long after daybreak.
A 2- Person Hasty Team heading out to Search and GPS another forest road.
The Allandale Taskings, March 2010... The Beginning....
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